Farah’s Prayers Answered, Obama’s Presidency A Failure

Yesterday we noted that columnists for WorldNetDaily were attempting to find ways to cope with fact that Barack Obama was now President of the United States and that, for his part, WND founder Joseph Farah has settled on a plan of actively praying that Obama will fail miserably.

That didn’t seem to be a particularly sound political strategy … but it must be working because Farah writes today its already been two whole days and Obama is already failing:

Two days into the Obama administration, I wonder if Obama’s excited minions have figured out nothing has changed.

Gitmo isn’t closed.

The war in Iraq continues.

Robert Gates is still secretary of defense.

Farah goes on to proclaim that his “predictions about Obama have proven true thus far,” and is therefore convinced that Obama’s presidency will be an abject failure that will, in turn, eventually bring about the re-birth of the “pro-God’ movement:

This man does not have any answers for the deep problems besetting this country. That will become ever more apparent over the next two years. It will be critical for those who understand what made America great – personal responsibility, devotion to God, limited government – to remain true to those principles … We know Obama’s plans will not succeed – at least not in the sense of expanding prosperity and liberty.

That leaves only one alternative – distinguishing ourselves and our pro-liberty, pro-God, pro-prosperity agenda from the policies of Obama and the Democratic Congress.

Since the failure of socialism is assured, we need to be ready to pick up the pieces when the opportunity avails itself in 2010 and 2012. There should be no compromising between now and then.

Just for the record, Barack Obama has been president for less than two days.  If Farah is this nuts already, I am actually kind of terrified of where he is going to be heading from here.