Far-Right Radio Host Claims Barack Obama Is Forming A Private Army To Assassinate Government Leaders

Last week, Dave Hodges, host of the right-wing radio program “The Common Sense Show,” appeared on Sheila Zilinsky’s “Weekend Vigilante” podcast, where he declared that sources have informed him that Barack Obama is forming a private army that will work with the gang MS-13 to assassinate government officials in order to force the United Nations to impose martial law on America and reinstall Obama as leader.

“Where is our little pal Barry Soetoro?” Zilinksy asked. “He’s been strangely silent.”

“He is pulling together his SES, his private army,” Hodges responded. “I have sources—and I think one or two of them might go on the record eventually—where Obama’s secret military force … is now partnering with MS-13 and they are going to serve as the Fifth Column when the United States is involved in a war and we will see political assassinations of law enforcement, of political opposition people. It will be the same kind of purge that Hitler put upon the communists when he burned down the Reichstag.”

“This is what is coming,” he added. “What he hopes will happen, and this is something that I have also been told, is that the United States goes under the United Nations as a protectorate because we are in chaos and they take us over in a martial law move. What we will see is Obama installed as the leader of the United States under UN protectorate laws.”