Family Research Council Denounces Indiana License Plate for ‘Promoting a Homosexual Recruitment Group’

As we reported last week, the American Family Association fiercely condemned Indiana’s bureau of motor vehicles for selling license plates where part of the proceeds will go towards the Indiana Youth Group’s efforts to provide safe spaces for LGBT youth and straight allies. Now, the Family Research Council is attacking Indiana over the move, with president Tony Perkins using his daily radio bulletin to blast the “special edition homosexual youth plate” and “promoting a homosexual recruitment group.” Perkins also seems to be generally disapproving of license plates that reflect people’s “political views,” which is ironic since the FRC commends states for selling “Choose Life” license plates:

Perkins: It looks like homosexuals are taking their message on the road–at least in one Midwestern state. Hello, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. People in Indiana have a lot on their plates, including it seems, their political views. For Hoosiers looking for a new way to show their rainbow pride, the BMV is offering a new vehicle for change–the special edition homosexual youth plate. Each one costs an extra $40, with more than half of that going to groups that promote “tolerance” in schools. According to local groups, the LGBT plate is the first of its kind. The Indiana Youth Group had tried before to get the plate approved–and lost. This year, the BMV just caved. For most Hoosiers, the news is pretty disturbing–especially since the state put up roadblocks to the national motto on plates. Now we’ve gone from blocking “In God We Trust” to promoting a homosexual recruitment group? For a state known as the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana just took a major detour on values.