Ex-Gay Activist: HIV/AIDS Was A ‘Boondoggle’ And ‘Goldmine’ For The LGBT Rights Movement

In a presentation to Saturday’s “Stand 4 Truth” conference in Houston, ex-gay activist Greg Quinlan claimed that LGBT rights supporters are “lying to our children” and have used the HIV/AIDS crisis to advance their influence in the education system.”

“HIV/AIDS, what does that have to do with education?” he asked. “It has to do with everything. You know, what is it, Saul Alinsky, never let a crisis go to waste? Well, they didn’t. When the AIDS epidemic hit back in the early ‘80s, they took this and used this to their advantage. HIV/AIDS was a goldmine for the homosexual agenda.”

Safe-sex, he said, is a myth: “‘Safe sex’ became ‘safer sex.’ There’s no such thing as either. It’s suicidal sex.”

Sexual health education classes, Quinlan added, opened the door to help gays “recruit kids.”