‘Ex-Gay’ Activist: Christian Women Should Stay Away From Feminism And #MeToo Movement

'Ex-gay' activist Janet Boynes (Image from March 2017 appearance with LIFE Today TV's Randy Robison.

Janet Boynes, an “ex-gay” activist who writes occasionally for Charisma’s SpiritLed Woman section, warned that Christian women “should be wary of embracing #MeToo feminism” because it could lead them away from “God’s order” in which man is given “headship” or authority over woman.

In a column posted last week and promoted by email on Wednesday, Boynes wrote:

In the past, while living as a lesbian for 14 years, my beliefs were far to the left and I supported women’s rights. When I look at all of the women who have left the homosexual lifestyle, and knowing the hate they have for men, this #MeToo movement could lead even Christian women in the wrong direction. I would never want them to lose what the Lord has taught us in the word regarding His order. He made us, and He knows best how men and women are meant to go through life together, submitting to one another and humbling themselves before the Father.

Boynes acknowledges that many women “suffer grave injustices perpetrated by men.” She says that such distortion of “the roles that both male and female should play in each other’s lives” is a result of “the immorality which looms large in the culture today.”

These injustices were never a part of God’s plan, as the secular progressives would like us to believe and have fueled movements like the Feminist Movement and now the #MeToo Movement. Instead, this is part of the enemy’s plan and our real enemy, as you know, is Satan. He is likened to a “roaring lion who seeks to devour” whomever he can (1 Pet. 5:8b). The main plan of the enemy is to divide and conquer humanity, and right now, it seems he is winning the battle, but of course we know ultimately he loses the war (Rev. 20: 10).

Boynes also has thoughts on the phrase “gender equality”:

While on the surface it seems like a very glorious concept used by the very lettered among us, it can be extremely deceptive. Almighty God created man and woman in His image and as such they are equal, but physically they are different, and hence the roles they play in each other’s life and that of their children are not the same. Their roles must be distinct, or else each can then easily replace the other or be transformed or transitioned to the other. This is in keeping with the LGBT philosophy and what the enemy wants us to believe in these last days. This is not of God and surely not part of God’s plan for humanity.

I hope and pray we never lose sight of God’s plan, which is meant to bring us happiness and fulfillment. This will not happen if hate is perpetuated among both sexes and selfishness and filthiness allowed to abound. The abundant life comes from being unselfish and honoring each person as a creation of God. …

So, let us put aside anything that exalts itself above God and His holy word and that, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, means disengaging ourselves from movements like #Me Too and feminism.

Boynes is the author of “Called Out—A Former Lesbian’s Discovery of Faith,” “Arise—The Journey from Fear to Faith” and “God and Sexuality—Truth and Relevance Without Compromise,” which features an introduction by anti-LGBTQ activist Michael Brown. Her organization’s website highlights endorsements from a range of Religious Right figures, including Michele Bachmann, David Barton, Samuel Rodriguez, and James Robison.