Eric Walker: Trump ‘Is a Modern-Day Prophet’ Taking on the Pharisees, Just Like Jesus

During a recent broadcast of his “Revealing The Truth” program, Messianic Rabbi Eric Walker of Igniting A Nation Ministries declared that President Donald Trump “is a modern-day prophet” who has a lot in common with Jesus Christ.

“If you were to take the gospel message and break it down to some of the things that Jesus said and put them in a tweet,” Walker said, “there are some things that Jesus said that would really absolutely send people over the edge, no different than Donald Trump standing up against the swamp, standing up against the establishment, and making these same statements.”

“It’s really no different than 2,000 years ago when Jesus was taking on the Pharisees and the establishment,” he added. “It parallels it in the exact same way.”

Walker said that the Democrats today “are the modern-day Pharisees and [Trump], in his own way, is a modern-day prophet, one who is willing to call sin sin, call evil evil, call wicked wicked, and this is something that has upset people in power for over 2,000 years.”