Engle: “We Are Dominion-Havers”

Lou Engle spoke at the Justice House of Prayer’s Antioch Again conference on September 22nd, where he promoted The Call: Detroit and as usual prayed against Muslims, abortion and gays and lesbians. Engle made clear that Detroit was selected as the next site for The Call so that Muslims in Michigan “will have dreams of Jesus”:

We’re going to do The Call in Detroit … on 11/11/11, right next to the greatest population in North America of Muslims – Dearborn. We’re going in there and we’re launching forty days and forty nights of intercession and we’re daring to believe that God will invade the heavens over Dearborn and Muslims will have dreams of Jesus.

He went on to tell the Boston audience that he wants to raise up a prayer movement that will shatter the “demonic spirits that are playing the puppet strings of professors and presidents of universities and politicians.” He claimed that “Boston is the portal” of such demonic spirits and that Christians must challenge their “pagan professors.” Engle also referenced the growing scrutiny into his dominionist preaching including a recent article in TIME, and declared himself a “dominion-haver” who “will bring the Kingdom right into the Gates of Hell”

And we need a revelation of the captain of the Angel Armies who are over here that are more those for us than those who are against us, these pagan professors with all their petty little demonic gods playing the puppet strings of university students all across this region. I tell you God’s just looking for a people that will begin to unleash the Angel Armies. We just don’t know who we are and we don’t know who He is. He says I’m the Captain of the Angel Armies, and then He tells them, you’re gonna walk around this city for seven days, seven times, duh, what are you talking about? He uses the weak things to confound the wise, things like prayer, things like fasting, things like a little ‘life’ band. When we challenged abortion seven years ago, the Lord spoke to me: raise up a prayer movement to end abortion in America. I want to tell you I feel we are on that journey right now, you see politicians can’t end it, preachers can’t end it, we gotta deal with the Angel Armies. The realm, the Lord spoke to me in Boston out of a dream, no one’s targeting false ideologies with massive fasting and prayer. At the source of false ideologies, and Boston is the portal, at the source are demonic spirits that are playing the puppet strings of professors and presidents of universities and politicians. I tell you what until we deal with that realm we’re going to have only minimal effect on the nation.

Nobody wants to talk about it, nobody wants to talk about war anymore. Say ‘dominion.’ I’m in TIME Magazine this week, my name, ‘Lou Engle the Dominionist,’ yeah, not completely dominion in this life, Jesus must return and He will bring his dominion to every nation and tribe but until then we are dominion-havers. We are those who will bring the Kingdom right into the Gates of Hell, you’re at the right place.