Engle Partners With The Second Coming Of Moses For The Call

Lou Engle, who is set to lead The Call: Detroit on November 11 with plans to convert Muslims to Christianity and ‘free’ gays from homosexuality, now has a co-host for the rally: faith healer David E. Taylor. Like Engle, Taylor believes that God is directly communicating with newly appointed apostles (the central theme of the New Apostolic Reformation), including him. Taylor’s official biography states: “Since 1989 from the time that he was 17 years old, he has been granted well over 1000 face-to-face visitation appearances from Jesus Christ personally.”

In fact, Taylor contends that Jesus appointed him to be America’s Moses to bring forth the country’s “deliverance from murder (abortion), drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, gambling, murder/homicides, corruption, and wicked government” – which was later confirmed by God’s appearance in a cloud in Canada:

There are witnesses who can attest to this Face to Face Appearance of the Lord in Canada being a direct result of another major Appearance on Earth in a region of the Lord working with David E. Taylor. Apostle Taylor was in a major conference in Providence, Rhode Island when three leaders from Canada approached him after hearing his testimony about how God has been coming down in every region that he is sent to. He told them that he would love to come and that God said He would go before him! Everyone agreed to the wonderful news and just three days later God appeared openly before millions in Canada!

The Lord also told David E. Taylor His purpose for doing this. In this visitation Jesus continued saying to him, ” David, the nation that God chose to be his representative in the Earth like as was Israel, after every 400 years in certain dispensations and generations the Lord God makes a notable appearance by coming down on Earth from Heaven to that nation in that generation for the World…” He said, “in Moses’s Day the children of Israel where in bondage for over 400 years…after this period the Father came on Earth and Visited His People to deliver them, like I will America now”… “And I am come down to Deliver them…” Ex.3:6-8/Ex. 2:23-25. Jesus said, “David also before I came on Earth between Malachi and the time of Matthew when I first arrived to the earth there was a 400 year point of silence from the Father and then as the scriptures declares, ” God was manifested in the flesh…” (1 Tim. 3:16)…. through Me Jesus walking among men in the Flesh……Now in your day America has entered her 400th year.” David didn’t know this, but he later researched this and found out that America’s first settlement happen at Jamestown and was established in 1607. This would put America one year before her 400th year existence as a nation..!! Wow!! And now He’s doing it again!!

Jesus told David how His desire to see this was not his but the Lord’s. In 2006 when Jesus appeared to David telling him this, preparing him for what He and his Father God were about to do, it was coming upon America’s 400th year as a nation who was once under God…but America has turn her back on the Lord who established our country. This nation is a nation that has been chosen by God. God in His Mercy has a plan to redeem America….and these pictures and videos of the Lord’s Face, and His notable appearances is the 5th year that this has been happening from the Lord since He appeared to apostle David in 2006. The Lord told David that the purpose for Him and His Father coming down is to bring revival to America and redeem her through a mighty deliverance.

Our country needs deliverance from murder (abortion), drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, gambling, murder/homicides, corruption, and wicked government, just to name a few. Our country needs deliverance from the weakness that is in the church and lethargy, powerlessness and the inability to perform in reaching lost souls. This is why God has come to the Earth!! It’s to help His people and empower them to work with Him to reach Mankind on Earth, which is lost, starting in America, and then around the World!!! God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, are on Earth in America and the World!!! Revival and Reformation has started in America…