Engle: Obama Unleashing Demons With His Father’s Day Declaration

Lou Engle has descended on St. Louis’ Gateway House of Prayer for a month of prayer meetings and Truth Wins Out’s Evan Hurst attended one last week and has provided a in-depth look inside of what goes on at one of Engle’s revivals, complete with audio

You really need to read the piece to get a proper sense of what took place – like Engle revealing that he had been sent by God to warn San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom that he would be judged for promoting homosexuality – but I want to highlight a few choice quotes that Hurst captured that show just how political all of Engle’s efforts truly are:

“You weigh every decision, say, for instance, the way you vote — OH, we’re getting political, Lou — God never abdicated one sphere of society to the Devil! It’s all his! Let me tell you, there’s gonna be…anyway.”

“Voting is not just a political act! It is not just a choice that you make. It’s not some kind of decision. I’m shouting it. The Bible says that God gave Adam the responsibility to govern! From the beginning, man was given the government of the earth! Romans 13 says all government is derived from God’s government. It’s all delegated authority, and that those governors are to rule in such a way, in the fear of the Lord, Psalms chapter 2. So, if all government comes from God, then THE GOVERNMENT WE HAVE IN AMERICA IS FROM GOD! So, who is the government? Not Barack Obama! It’s a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Therefore, when you vote for those who shed innocent blood, you are making a governmental decision under the government of God! You are actually in the rebellion of Psalms 2! You will actually be held accountable for how you govern! We have to tremble in the voting booth. We should tremble in voting booths! You don’t choose a person because you feel good about him, or he feels like maybe he’s going to change the world, YOU VOTE ON THEIR STAND ON THE FOUNDATIONS OF BIBLICAL TRUTH! Because if you don’t, you’re actually handing the keys to people who have anti-Christ spirits! You are actually giving authority to someone who is in rebellion to God! … There is a higher government than the governments of men. We are a citizenship of heaven, and that citizenship of heaven influences everything we do, every decision in our lives. I want to stand before the Lord and say ‘When you gave me the government in America, I did what you wanted me to do.’ Because if I don’t, then we’ll hear those same words of Psalms 2, Therefore you kings be warned, Tremble you judges of the earth. Who are the kings?”

Perhaps the most telling moment occurs when Engle begins to rail against President Obama for recognizing families with “two fathers” on Father’s Day, saying that such proclimations unleash demons from the spirit realm on our world and then stops and asks if that can be erased because he doesn’t want it ending up on YouTube:

“Our president two days ago came out and said ‘We bless the fathers of families that have two fathers’! This is a decree, a blessing, called this month, LGBT pride month. When decrees come from high places, it actually opens doors! It is a key! It unlocks the spiritual realm for the fueling of the demonization of culture! Is this being taped?” [voice from bouncer/heavy off to the side interjects “We can erase it.”]

It seems the Engle is becoming aware of just how radical his views appear and is taking steps to censor himself and his record.  Of course, that was just one of the crazy things Engle said during the evening, so he has a long, long way to go. 

Read the entire thing.