Eliason: Bestiality Part Of The Gay ‘Lifestyle’

VCY America’s Vic Eliason warned this month that the effort to end the ban on gay men from donating blood is part of a push to normalize pedophilia and bestiality. The Crosstalk host said that same-sex marriage will inevitably mainstream “the molestation of children” and bestiality, which he described as “part of the abnormal, homosexual and immoral lifestyle.”

There is a move to legitimatize this type of blood. It’s been banned but the efforts to legitimatize it in my estimation are occurring because there is a lifestyle that is abnormal, that is the target of normalization.

Meaning, if they can make it normal to circulate homosexual blood; if they can make it normal to have same genders marrying each other; if they can make it normal for immoral and vulgar relationships between same-gender people, along with those who may have a bent — and I apologize for being this blunt — but the issue of pedophilia, or the molestation of children; or — and this is pushing the limits —bestiality, which happens also to be part of the abnormal, homosexual and immoral lifestyle.

As we watch what’s happening, the efforts to normalize that which is abnormal, to take sin and call it righteousness, it’s an absolute effort to redefine what’s right and what’s wrong.