Election of Obama Would Allow “March of Darkness” to Continue Unfettered

Last night, Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery and Stuart Shepard took time out from their busy schedules attacking Barack Obama’s faith and praying for “rain of biblical proportions” to ruin his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention to sit down for a webcast with Bishop Harry Jackson, himself taking a break from running his bogus grassroots energy front group to discuss the upcoming election.

Jackson explained that it is vitally important for “values voters” to get active before November because “an anti-church sentiment is aligning against us” and that an on-going “march of darkness” will overtake the country if “we don’t do the right thing in this campaign”:

And how does Jackson plan on combating that “march of darkness”  He explains that he is personally working to explain to his congregation, which he says is overwhelmingly inclined to support Obama, that there are “certain policies that will attract the blessings of God on the nation” and those policies are life and marriage.  Jackson also notes that he recently met with members of Obama’s faith-outreach team and urged them to adjust their positions.  Jackson says “there’s got to be a stand for family, a stand for marriage, a stand for life and we can’t be duped into thinking that our economic position is more important than our moral position.”  He then laments that, so far, John McCain has failed to merge the economic and moral message that the Right wants to hear in order to give them the clear choice they desire: