Eagle Forum: Nazi Hunters

For months now, Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum have been shopping around a conspiracy theory about a proposed “North American Union” that would, in the words of the John Birch Society, create a “full-blown economic and political merger of Canada, the United States, and Mexico.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the US is also apparently at risk of being taken over by Nazis, at least according to Kitty Werthmann, head of the Eagle Forum’s South Dakota chapter:


From her own experience, Mrs. Kitty Werthmann will help you see we are walking the same path as the Nazi’s. She was 12 years old living in Austria. At that time, there was order, prayer and pictures of Jesus. Hitler took over and all that was removed! Unemployment rose to 35%, bank loans rose to 25%, unions called strikes, all this with 98% of the people claiming to be Catholic!

Soon there was massive welfare. Cries went out for equal rights for women. Socialism took women out of the home, raising the children, and into the factories. They took the children away from the family and raised them by the state. The Health department offered training for the elderly but they were killed.

Hear her tell how the U.S. is going the same way!

Considering that the Eagle Forum’s blog is promoting Werthmann’s upcoming appearance, it is not unreasonable to conclude that Schlafly et al. think that she is on to something.