E.W. Jackson: Anti-White ‘Racist Demagoguery’ Is Responsible for Mass Shootings

Right-wing pastor and Religious Right activist E.W. Jackson posted a video on his Facebook page last night in which he responded to the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton by declaring that white nationalism is not causing mass shootings, but rather the demonization of white people by liberals is.

“The left has got to stop this racial, racist demagoguery, trying to paint the president as a racist, trying to paint anybody who is against illegal immigration as a racist, and trying to suggest all white people are racist, and the problem in our country is the white man,” Jackson said.

“Let me say this to all you leftists out there,” he added. “You can run around the country talking this garbage about it’s the white man, and it’s white people, and it’s white supremacy, and it’s white privilege, and normal people are going to look at you like they should, which is you’re an idiot and nobody ought to listen to the junk that is pouring out of your mouth. But the marginal, the people who are mentally already on the margin, the people who are already paranoid, the people who are already on medication, the people who are already dealing with all kinds of mental issues, they hear that, these young white guys here that and they say, ‘See, they’re out to get us. They’re out to get us, there is no question about it, they are out to get us,’ and you get the kind of results that we’re getting.”