Dutch Sheets: ‘Evil Spirits’ Are Manifesting Because Christians Are Experiencing A ‘Breakthrough’ Under Trump

Right-wing pastor Dutch Sheets, who claims he is “known for his apostolic and prophetic anointing,” recently posted a video in which he declared that “evil spirits” are being stirred up because Satan knows that Christians in America are experiencing a “breakthrough” under President Trump.

Sheets said that he “heard the Lord very clearly speak to me several weeks ago and said, ‘Be ready, demons, principalities, powers, just the spiritual realm of darkness is about to start manifesting.’ And now I’m watching that happen.”

Everything from protests to the belligerence on the part of leaders of Syria and North Korea, Sheets said, “is the manifestation of evil spirits. They are upset and they are angry. They are angry because they know we … as believers have moved into a season where we can experience great breakthrough.”

“In fact,” he added, “some of the breakthroughs that we’ve been crying out for and interceding for for year—maybe decades—we are in a season where we can experience the fullness of that breakthrough; for example, the Supreme Court. Evil spirits are upset.”

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