Don’t Mess With Pat Robertson

From The Virginian-Pilot

One of Hampton Roads’ highest-profile Christians stands accused of a not-so-Christian act.

A plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against Pat Robertson says the televangelist threatened his life and that of his family at a legal proceeding Wednesday in the Norfolk federal courthouse.

The accuser, Phillip Busch, is suing Robertson for misappropriation of his image in the promotion of Robertson’s protein diet shake.

According to a complaint Busch filed with the Norfolk police, Robertson entered a room in the courthouse Wednesday afternoon to be questioned for a deposition – an out-of-court form of testimony – and told Busch: “I am going to kill you and your family.”

Robertson’s attorney, Glen Huff, denied the allegation Thursday, saying: “There was no such threat.”

Busch had better watch his back because it is probably pretty dangerous to be suing Robertson over the very same “age-defying shake” that gives him the super-human power to leg-press 2000 lbs.