Donald Trump’s Mindboggling Tweets About Syria

In reaction to a gas attack that killed scores of people in the Syrian rebel-held province of Idlib, President Trump released a statement blaming former president Barack Obama for the incident, specifically for doing “nothing” against Bashar al-Assad’s regime even after it used chemical weapons.

Trump, of course, has talked about the Syrian regime as a potential ally and adamantly opposed U.S. intervention in the conflict:

That’s not all.

Trump, who has played golf nearly every week since his inauguration, also attacked Obama for golfing while countries in the Middle East “burn”:

He suggested that Obama could bring down the Syrian government by giving them universal health care:

And also suggested that while Obama weighed his options regarding Syria, he should carry out a sneak attack on Iran instead:

Another suggestion: If we go into Syria, take the oil!

Trump also pushed the false claim that the Obama administration was arming ISIS:

But here’s an idea that, now that he is president, Trump did not take to heart.

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