Donald Trump Is ‘Called To Be A Prophet’

Televangelist Jim Bakker chatted yesterday with three pro-Trump Religious Right figures, Don and Mary Colbert and Mark Taylor, about what’s in store for the country under a Trump presidency.

When Bakker asked Taylor, who has said he prophesied Donald Trump’s election,  if Trump is a “prophetic sign” because “the Bible is filled with ‘trump,’ ‘trumpets’ and ‘trump,’” Taylor agreed that the president-elect has “a prophetic gift.”

“I think the man is called to be a prophet,” Taylor said.

Mary Colbert added that “the actual name ‘Donald’ means in Hebrew ‘national leader,’ so he is a national leader who is a trumpet for God.” (“Donald” is not a Hebrew name, although it does derive from a Celtic name that means “ruler.”)

Taylor also claimed that God told him that the Trump administration will set up “military-style tribunals” to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s “corruption” and “take down a lot of government people and possibly take down parts of government.”

“Divine justice is coming,” he said, assuring viewers that Trump will try to bring “unity to the country” even as his Department of Justice investigates the Clintons.