Dominionist Leader Ché Ahn: Time For ‘Davids’ To Arise And Rule

California-based pastor Ché Ahn is a leader of the New Apostolic Reformation network.

Religious leaders associated with the New Apostolic Reformation gathered last week for the Harvest International Ministries (HIM) Global Summit Conference at HRock Church, the church pastored by dominionist apostolic leader Ché Ahn and his wife. This week, Ahn wrote about the conference in Charisma magazine, published by the Trump-boosting Pentecostal media company of the same name.

Ahn writes that the “consistent word” being “released” at last week’s gathering “was a sense that the church was being encouraged to arise and defeat the ‘giants’ in our lands, even when we are feeling weak or insignificant.” More specifically, Ahn says that “true revival includes the reformation of society.” In other words, HIM should not be known just for saving souls, but for taking power and transforming nations. Multiple speakers cited King David “as a prophetic symbol for the season we are stepping into as reformers of culture and society,” he writes. During the presidential campaign, Trump-promoting apostolic leaders frequently cited King David as evidence that God uses flawed leaders to carry out His will.

Ahn quotes Lance Wallnau—who declared last year that Donald Trump had been anointed “God’s Chaos Candidate”—saying “revival is personal, but reformation is institutional.” He says another conference speaker described the functions of leadership as being to protect and empower. “We are empowered to rule so that we would protect and released to serve so that we would empower,” writes Ahn.

Ahn, who co-founded The Call with Lou Engle, succeeded Peter Wagner, the late founder of the dominionist New Apostolic Reformation, as International Chancellor and President of the Wagner Leadership Institute—now calling itself Wagner University. WLI/WU promotes “Seven Mountains” dominionism—the teaching that the right kind of Christians are meant to take dominion over the seven spheres of influence in society.

Ahn was one of the supporters of “The Response,” the prayer rally that served as an unofficial launch for Rick Perry’s 2012 presidential bid. He has likened the fight to ban same-sex couples from marrying to abolitionists’ fight against slavery.

Speaking several years ago about the importance of being “the head and not the tail” of the mountain of government, Ahn said, “If we share something concerning Christian values, we are persecuted because we are not at the head. Once we do get to the head, all of the sudden we can make decrees and declarations and we can influence that whole mountain.”