Dominionist Dutch Sheets: Vote ‘Biblical Values’ to See ‘God’s Plan’ for Courts, America Restored

Pro-Trump "Prophetic" Leader Dutch Sheets (Image from YouTube video of 2017 address at Church of His Presence)

Dutch Sheets, a self-described apostle and prophet who has decreed that God will create more Supreme Court vacancies for President Trump to fill, released a pre-election video on  Tuesday telling his followers that the shift in the judicial system—which he says is key to restoring God’s plan for America—is on the line in the midterm elections.

Before the 2016 election, Sheets had warned his followers that the election of Hillary Clinton would have meant the end of “America as we have known it.” After the election, he called Trump’s victory a miracle and a sign of God’s mercy.

“America is being restored,” said Dutch Sheets in the video posted on Twitter on Tuesday. Sheets recounted a number of signs of progress he said America is making before coming to his main point: The judicial system “is being restored to its appropriate role,” he said. “It was judges in America that opened the evil floodgate of abortion, ruled that God was no longer welcome in our government and schools, and redefined God’s most sacred of institutions—marriage.” Sheets continued:

The absolute single most important issue for the restoration of America is this transforming of our judicial system, and it is happening. We now have a conservative, pro-life, constitutionalist majority on the Supreme Court, with the potential of an even greater majority. But all of these encouraging changes are on the line in the midterm elections, Tuesday, November 6.

This February, Sheets gathered 1,300 people at Trump International Hotel in DC, where they prayed that God would sweep the federal judiciary of judges who support abortion rights. Lou Engle said he believes those who have prophesied that God will give Trump the opportunity to put five justices on the Supreme Court. Sheets and his “prophetic” colleagues like Engle and Cindy Jacobs believe that the church—which they refer to as the Ekklesia—is meant to be God’s governing authority and legislative body in the world.

At the Trump Hotel event, Jacobs declared, “We are God’s enforcers in the earth for His will to be done.” Sheets warned those who resist Trump or want to turn the nation away from its religious roots:

You will fail! … The Ekklesia will take you out. The outpouring of Holy Spirit will take you out. Angels will take you out. You are no match for any of the above. You are no match for Father, Son, Holy Ghost, or his family or his angel armies. You are no match for his word. You are no match for his prophetic decrees …. So we push you back. And we say your finest hour has come and gone, and the church now rises to the place that he has called us to walk in …. We now rise up and I call that new order into the earth.

Shortly before the DC event, Sheets had declared that the conference would launch a new era. “Functioning as Christ’s Ekklesia IS that new phase!” he wrote. “The Church is about to move into a completely new level of enforcing Kingdom rule and the will of God on earth.” Part of enforcing that “Kingdom rule” is making sure that like-minded people control what dominionists refer to as the seven “mountains” of culture, one of which is the government.

And that brings us back to the midterms and Sheets’s new video, in which he urged people to vote “biblical values”:

Let’s keep this great momentum, and see God’s plan and destiny for America completely restored. Please vote. Vote biblical values. Vote family values. Vote pro-life and pray. Pray for God’s will to be done in these elections, for all of these great changes to continue.