Does Dobson Know That Robertson and Graham Are Not Dead?

Leesburg Today covered a dedication ceremony of a new building, the Barbara Hodel Center, on the campus of Patrick Henry College, the “Harvard for homeschoolers” founded by Michael Farris.

The featured speaker at the ceremony was James Dobson who praised Patrick Henry College for creating the new generation of leaders that the Religious Right needs to keep waging its battles as the older generation passes away.  And among those Dobson reportedly cited as having passed away were Billy Graham and Pat Robertson:

Dobson drew his remarks from reflections made following the death of minister James Kennedy, after the passing of Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, urging Patrick Henry students to become the new generation of evangelical leaders. “The question is will the younger generation heed the call?” he asked.

“Who in the next generation will be willing to take the heat, when it is so much safer and more comfortable to avoid controversial subjects. Who is going to defend traditional morality in a culture that is sliding into moral decline? Who will call sin by its name and lead the nation to repentance and holiness?” Dobson said. “I pray that the Lord will anoint a new generation–some of the best and the brightest of which are in this room–a new generation of Jim Kennedys, courageous men and women who will not waiver an inch in the defense of truth. I believe we’re going to see these leaders emerge in the next few years and that the mantle handed down from my respected and loved friend and others will be received and cherished by those who are willing to die if necessary for what they believe.”

Dobson does know that both Robertson and Graham are still alive, doesn’t he?