Dobson Teams Up With Porter For May Day Prayer Rally

I can’t decide if this is evidence that Janet Porter is becoming more “mainstream” within the Religious Right movement or evidence that James Dobson is moving further out toward the fringe, but Dobson has recorded an audio message on behalf of Porter’s upcoming “May Day” prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial:

Hello everyone, I’m James Dobson and today I hope you’ll give some serious though to participating in a very important event this spring; it’s called “May Day 2010: A Cry to God For a Nation in Distress.” Our nation faces what is perhaps the most serious moral crisis since the Civil War as we’ve turned our backs on God and have clearly displeased him.

May Day 2010 is a time to come together and proclaim what God has done in the past, to pray for forgiveness, and to plead for God’s mercy on all of us. It will be held Saturday, May the first at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

We’re looking for thousands of pastors and churches to get involved. Call (405) 796-PRAY or log-on to to find out how you can participate or volunteer.