Dobson Rails Against Hollywood’s “Perversion”

James Dobson hosted conservative movie critic andanti-gay activist Ted Baehr on Family Talk today where the two raved against Hollywood and the media. According to Dobson, Hollywood promotes “filth and perversion and sacrilege” and is trying to attack “the very soul of your child.”


The media is just saturated with filth and perversion and sacrilege that Hollywood is trying to shove down our throats and it really is disgusting and offensive that all this junk, and that’s what it is, it’s junk, is published and produced for both adults and kids. And I think it’s having a devastating effect on our culture and on our way of life.

This is why it is so important for parents to guard what our kids see, I mean do no permit it, even if you have a fight over it, don’t permit it, because you’re corrupting the morals and the values and the attitudes and the beliefs of your own children when you pay money to Hollywood to teach them something you don’t believe.

A lot of these kinds of things will not have eternal significance but when you run up against one like we’re talking about now where the very soul of your child is being invaded by those who deliberately want to destroy the things that you believe in and have taught, you stand like a rock.

Dobson made a similar case in his newsletter to listeners, warning that leftwing politics, feminism and greater acceptance of homosexuality have “flooded” contemporary culture with “morally corrupt influences at every turn.” He goes on to list those purportedly dangerous influences, such as Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”:

· There are no innate differences between males and females, except for the ability to bear children. To be truly equal, men and women should act and think alike.

· For a girl to become what was once considered “easy” or “loose” is now deemed socially acceptable by peers. Therefore, dressing and acting tough or looking like a prostitute is evidence of confidence and strength. Janet Jackson allowed her bra to be torn off in front of 90 million television viewers during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime extravaganza. It was just a “wardrobe malfunction,” said Justin Timberlake, who exposed Jackson’s breast. Most of the other female performers in that spectacle resembled streetwalkers. Who can estimate how many girls saw the performance that night and decided to change their persona from wholesome to “bad”? The “raunch culture” was on parade.

· Girls are more likely than ever before to be the aggressors in male-female relationships. The traditional understanding that males are the initiators and leaders has been turned upside down. Now girls do much of the calling. They pursue. They often pay. And they regularly take their male friends to bed.

· Homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality are considered morally equivalent. They simply represent different lifestyles from which to choose.

These are just a few of the concepts that engulfed the baby boomer generation more than four decades ago. Now, the grandchildren of these revolutionaries are growing up to accept and live by ideas that were once celebrated as “the new morality.” Behavior that was shockingly racy then has become the pop culture of today. Teenagers are taught its philosophy with an evangelistic zeal. The radicals who set out long ago to “liberate” women and shape the values of their children have been amazingly successful. Most members of the younger generation have no other frame of reference.