Dobson Chokes Up Explaining God Wants Him in California to Save Marriage

James Dobson dedicated his radio program today to explaining his sudden decision, which we mentioned earlier, to go to California this weekend to join Lou Engel, Tony Perkins and others for a massive “The Call” rally of prayer and fasting in the name of saving “traditional marriage.”

In the clip below, Dobson has just explained that he received a letter from Rev. Jim Garlow, one of the leading organizers of the “yes on 8” movement pleading with Dobson to attend and, after reading it, felt God’s hand on his back telling him to attend “The Call.”  Dobson chokes up explaining that despite having been on the go for weeks and being exhausted, he knew God wanted him there.  Dobson had to call his son to tell him he couldn’t babysit for his grandson this weekend as planned and his son Ryan then confirmed that God wanted him in California instead.  Dobson could barely keep it together when he explained that “the Lord must be involved in this” and then hands over the program to Garlow, who also gets choked up and speaks of their level of spiritual desperation and their constant “crying out to God” to save California because they are “watching the destruction of Western civilization.”