Did The Slip Expose The Strategy?

Earlier today I wrote about the fact that a plethora of right-wing groups were publicly and vehemently opposing the nomination of David Ogden and several others to serve in the Justice Department.  In that post, I took a shot at Focus on the Family for penning an article about the opposition entitled “Obama’s Judicial Nominees Stand on Anti-Family Principles,” pointing out that people nominated to serve in the DOJ are not “judicial nominees.”

But now I’m wondering if that that choice of phrase, despite being inappropriate, was actually quite accurate in that it signals that the fight over these Justice Department nominees is really just a precursor to the battle the Right is anticipating once President Obama starts putting forth nominations for the federal judiciary.  Because this quote from Tony Perkins certainly makes it sound that way:

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said Obama’s latest nominations only foreshadow a series of “hard left-wing ideologues” to come.

“These people will not only be extremely influential in the application of law. They will also play key roles in filling judicial vacancies on the nation’s highest courts,” he said.

Perkins added that their selection shows “Obama’s rhetoric doesn’t meet with reality.” He says the country’s highest courts would now be “packed” with “left-wing judicial activists bent on imposing personal and political agendas upon the American people.”

Last week, I wrote a couple of posts pointing out that the Right had more or less been saving its ammunition as it awaits the battle over judges and had been busy laying the groundwork for its coming obstruction – and now it appears as if the coordinated campaign against Ogden and the others just might be the first salvo in that fight.