Did Alan Colmes Accidentally Interview Bryan Fischer’s Parrot?

We have written before about the utter pointlessness of trying to have any sort of debate with Bryan Fischer because he categorically refuses to engage in any sort of rational discussion.

Fischer’s standard practice is to develop one talking point and then – literally – refuse to deviate from that talking point, no matter what.

So you have to hand it to Alan Colmes, who keeps taking up the thankless task of trying to actually engage Fischer and get him to explain the outrageous things that he says, like that God wants men to be president.

Colmes had Fischer on his radio program last night, ostensibly to discuss this issue, but Fischer fundamentally refused to say anything beyond parroting talking points, repeatedly saying the same phrases over and over to every follow-up question Colmes asked.  Fischer kept defensively insisting that he was answering the questions being put to him and accusing Colmes of being “obnoxious and repetitive” for trying to get him to actually offer up a legitimate answer – it is truly unbelievable: