Demons, Witches and Warlocks are Blocking Believers’ Prayers for Austin, Texas, Says Australian ‘Seer’

Australia-based "prophetic" preacher Reg Morais (Image from

At a recent “Seers Conference” in Austin, Texas, a “prophetic” Australian speaker said he felt called to teach “spiritual warfare 5.0” to conservative Christians who are contending for the soul of the city.

Reg Morais, who Charisma identifies as “a Singapore-born, half-Indian/half Portuguese man who has no connection to Austin,” had a warning:

Demonic activity is at work in the capital of Texas at this moment. Witches and warlocks are busy at work. Territorial forces are here in the capital city. The stronghold needs to be broken. Austin is ready for a major revival to come through.

Charisma writer A.B. Petrucci noted on Monday that Austin is known as a liberal city in a conservative state. “Because of the intense spiritual activity in Austin, Christians have felt intimidated at times or that it is a lost cause, abdicated to anti-Christian, anti-biblical forces,” Petrucci wrote.

But Morais said “there is hope for the city of Austin” even though “God showed me that something is blocking believers’ prayers for Austin.”

More from Charisma:

Morais boldly declared that it is time to “replace politicians with godly people” and make central Texas a shining example for all of the United States and the world.

Prophetically, he described a group of people who will be raised up in Austin to ignite a new Jesus movement with emboldened, Spirit-filled “troublemakers” who shake up godless agendas rampant in the world today.

This is key to shutting down the growing witchcraft in the capital of Texas, according to Morais, who sees the relevance of charismatic Christianity as high as ever.

Morais’ “Anoint the World” ministry includes a TV ministry, a university and theological seminary, and a “School of Impartation.”

Charisma is a magazine and book publisher and digital media company whose primary audience is Pentecostal Christians. Charisma founder and CEO Steve Strang has been a major booster of President Donald Trump, who he believes was “raised up by God.”