DeMint: We Cannot Compromise or Cooperate With Democrats

Sen. Jim DeMint spoke today at FRC’s “Watchmen on the Wall” pastor’s conference and afterward joined the AFA’s official spokesbigot Bryan Fischer, who was broadcasting his daily radio program live from the conference, for an interview.

During the discussion, DeMint said that the 2012 election is literally the “last chance” they have to save America and that conservatives and Republicans simply cannot cooperate or compromise with Democrats on any level because Democrats are bent on instituting socialism and don’t share the same values, visions, or goals:

I think it’s out last chance. I really think it’s now or never. Just looking at the financial situation of our country and just the polarization of views between the two parties. I mean, we have one that is really pushing toward centralization, collectivization, secularism – and we have some good people in that party; some of them are my best friends – but frankly they do not believe in individualism, they do not believe in the type of moral values that we do and we cannot compromise with them. You cannot cooperate with someone who does not have your values, does not share your vision, and does not have your goals.