Dead-Ender’s Game: Sci-Fi Writer Joins Board of National Organization for Marriage

Orson Scott Card, author of the popular sci-fi novel Ender’s Game, has joined the board of the National Organization for Marriage. You may have heard of NOM recently thanks to its misleading “Gathering Storm” TV ad campaign which attacked equal rights for gays and lesbians.

We think that Card, who turned into a reactionary crank somewhere along the way, will be a good fit for NOM. Both have ample experience with alternate realities, and that should prove useful in explaining why committed same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

But Card’s recent writings have been outlandish even by the standards of NOM. Last July in the Mormon Times he appeared to advocate overthrowing the government if Prop 8 failed (h/t Box Turtle Bulletin):

How long before married people answer the dictators thus: Regardless of law, marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage, and help me raise my children in a society where they will expect to marry in their turn. […] American government cannot fight against marriage and hope to endure. If the Constitution is defined in such a way as to destroy the privileged position of marriage, it is that insane Constitution, not marriage, that will die.

While it’s clear that Card is a fiction writer through and through – albeit unintentionally – we’d like to know if NOM shares his radical views.