David Horowitz: The ‘Real Problem’ With Racism In America Is ‘Black Racism’

David Horowitz, a far-right activist with ties to a number of GOP politicians including Alabama senator and attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, claimed in a radio interview last week that the “racism in this country that is the real problem is black racism” and “certainly not white people.”

Horowitz told Indianapolis radio host Greg Garrison on December 14 that President Obama was wrong when he told The Daily Show host Trevor Noah that “we’ve by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism” but that “the progress we’ve made has been real and extraordinary.”

Obama, Horowitz said, is “one of the slavers.”

“After all,” he said, “it’s the Democrats who’ve got these people trapped in these inner cities where they control the school systems which fail, which they never change and so forth. There isn’t one truth in this. I mean, he’s just always letting slip out of the bag his anti-Americanism. And he’s also said that racism is in the DNA of this country. No it isn’t. Every black person in this country is a free person today because of America. It’s liberty that’s in the DNA. But, you know, the truth of it is, is there’s this legacy of black racism. The racism in this country that is a real problem is black racism today, and you see it everywhere. It’s certainly not white people. I know that’s very politically incorrect to say but it’s the facts.”

Earlier in the show, Horowitz urged Donald Trump to prosecute the mayors of sanctuary cities for “sedition.”

“The way I see the fights shaping up,” he said, “it’s good for Republicans, let them fight the sanctuary cities. I mean, I hope he prosecutes Rahm Emanuel and people like that and [Bill] de Blasio. They need to be prosecuted for violating federal laws. I mean, it’s sedition. Do we have—we have sedition laws. That’s what they’re doing. So I hope that he is very aggressive on the sanctuary cities, and let them be aggressive. You know, let them demonstrate in the [inaudible] to defend illegal aliens who are criminals, and that’s good for the Republican Party.”