David Horowitz: ‘Anti-Trump Hate Group’ Is ‘The Largest Hate Group In America’

David Horowitz, a conservative author who helps connect far-right activists, politicians and funders, went on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” this morning to discuss the latest installment of his “Black Book of the Political Left,” telling the audience that “the anti-Trump hate group” is “the largest hate group in America” and that a recent incident where two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia shows that the “racist” left has made America divided like it was before the civil war.

Horowitz insisted that “we’re in the midst of a coup” against President Trump and “the last time we had a resistance to a legitimately elected president was Abraham Lincoln.”

“Of course, there’s not going to be a civil war like in 1861, because the federal government is too powerful, but it is a war, a political war, over who controls the federal government,” he said.

“And the reason it’s a civil war,” he added, “the reason our politics are so ugly now and so polarized, you go back to Lincoln’s statement, you can’t have a country that’s half slave and half free. You can’t have a country either that’s half individual rights, individual accountability, judging people on the content of their character, and the other half is a racist, identity-politics idea that the first thing we’re going to do is judge people by their skin color.”

The Starbucks incident, he claimed, was a case in point.

“The reality is two large, black men came into Starbucks, were told by a smaller, female manager that if they wanted to go to a bathroom that it’s company policy that you have to buy something to use their facility. And these two guys defied her and she got scared and called the police. And this turned into a racist incident where, of course, the white person is guilty—white people are always guilty before the fact—and the blacks are innocent even after the facts are known,” he said.