David Brody: ‘God Is On The Move’ In Trump Campaign

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody said in a September radio interview that “God is on the move” in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, suggesting that Trump was “softening” thanks to the influence of his Religious Right supporters.

Brody told Iowa Republican National Committee member Tamara Scott in an September 23 interview on her “Truth for Our Time” radio program that he had interviewed Trump several times during the campaign and noticed a difference in the candidate, which he attributed the contact has had with pastors and churches.

“I think what it means is God is on the move,” Brody said. “I don’t think there’s any question about it and I think Donald Trump may be slowly but surely hearing some of that, if not audibly—for sure he’s hearing it audibly—but maybe there’s a softening, maybe there’s something more coming of this. I think we’re seeing something a lot more spiritual here that could actually take place if indeed he becomes the president of the United States. Or even if he doesn’t, God’s at work.”

“I do too,” Scott replied. “You know, the Bible’s full of stories of God using the least likely, the unlikely, sometimes the unlikable. And I just think, I agree with you, I see momentum, I see a groundswell, and it’s not just political, there’s a spiritual element, what you and I would call revival.”

Scott praised Trump’s promise that “you’ll be able to say Merry Christmas again” if he’s elected and noted the “assault” and “affront” of transgender people using the bathrooms that match their gender identity.