David Barton Has Seen Nothing In The Trump Administration ‘To Indicate A Lack Of Good Morals’

On yesterday’s episode of the “WallBuilders Live” radio program, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton said that Christians should have no qualms about supporting President Trump because his immoral behavior is in the past and there has been nothing since he took office that would “indicate a lack of good morals.”

Barton and his son Tim were discussing right-wing pastor Robert Jeffress’ explanation that he proudly supported Trump early in the GOP primary because Trump “was the only one who was electable,” and were praising Jeffress’ prophetic ability to foresee that Trump, despite having led a largely secular and unbiblical life, would be able to enact the Religious Right’s agenda once in office.

“When we say Trump’s position and values, those were all in a former life. I’ve seen nothing in this administration to indicate a lack of good morals, quite frankly,” Barton said, apparently unconcerned about Trump’s penchant for lying pathologically.

Tim Barton agreed, asserting that Trump “is almost a similar personification, on some levels, of [Benjamin] Franklin,” in that neither man had “religious morals and biblical values” as young men but developed them later in life.

David Barton agreed, asserting that Trump has had a lot of “one-on-one personal contact with some pretty strong evangelical leaders” in recent years, which he claimed has changed Trump’s behavior.

“When you look over the last five, six years, I don’t know of any moral behavior problems that we can point to like were out there during the campaign and have been in the news recently,” he said. “Those go back a few years.”

“It’s kind of like King David,” he added. “I can’t judge King David solely on the basis of Bathsheba because there is a point in time at which he moved past that.”

For what it is worth, the story of David and Bathsheba involved David engaging in adultery and then having Bathsheba’s husband killed to cover it up.