Daniel Lapin Attacks Harvard’s ‘Barbarism’ and the ‘New Secular Liberal Male’

The Religious Right’s favorite rabbi and Jack Abramoff partner Daniel Lapin railed against emerging “barbarism” and the “new secular liberal male” at David Barton’s Pro-Family Legislators Conference. Lapin, who propagates his own version of the Prosperity Gospel, said that those protesting Wall Street, not the Wall Street bankers who triggered the financial crisis, are “barbarians” who want to “obliterate” civilization. He bemoaned that “the spiritual heirs of Bach and Beethoven” at Harvard University “are now banging bongo drums” and claimed “degeneracy” dominates the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations:

Now please understand when I say barbarism, I’m not only talking about the wiles of Asia and Africa, I’m talking about Harvard. You’ve got to remember, please, for those of you who have visited Boston lately, you’ve got to remember, that the spiritual heirs of Bach and Beethoven are now banging bongo drums in Boston. Have you been to Harvard Square? That’s what’s going on. If you take a look at the cooks and cranks now occupying Wall Street parks, who are these people? Civilized or barbarians? Let’s be candid about it. if you doubt my words please just walk through one of these encampments and see the squalor and the filth and the degeneracy, that’s all you’ve got to see, and then just recognize that in the great struggle of our age all you have to do is ask yourself, are they on the side of civilization or are they on the side of barbarism? It’s as simple as that. Do they want to sustain civilization or obliterate it? That’s easy to see, they want to obliterate it.

Lapin later lashed out against the “new secular liberal male” whom he said is either a “thug” or a “hideous hermaphrodite.” According to Lapin, the proper role of men is only found in the Bible:

Take a look at what’s going on around us, basically what happens I believe is that if you strip away the biblical blueprint, then males fall into one of two categories: they either become thugs and treat women with brutal callousness, or they become hideous hermaphrodites lacking the charm of women and the masculinity of men. Welcome to the new secular liberal male in America. Those are the two kinds you get, thugs or wimps, because the gifts of masculinity with all its traditions of honor and respect, commitment and responsibility, and yes treatment of women, spring directly from the pages of the Bible.