D. James Kennedy Needs Your Help

D. James Kennedy continues his crusade against the theory of evolution and he needs your financial support so that he can explain to the world how Charles Darwin was responsible for the Holocaust and pretty much every other horrible thing that has ever happened.

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I’ve asked my television staff to produce a brand-new documentary that explores not just the theory of evolution but also the vast and devastating consequences of that theory.  I don’t think most people realize the horrific events that have stemmed from evolution: everything from the Nazi death camps and attempts to create a super-race to the modern push in many nations for euthanasia. The tentacles of evolution reach far and wide and I intend to demonstrate these chilling facts in this brand-new documentary, but I’m going to need your help to pull it off.  

The other side has the entire public school system of America as its platform, but we have the national network of television outlets that God has given to us.  Let’s put them to good use. 

If you believe evolution is just a harmless theory of origins … you’ll discover how Darwin’s so-called “tree of life” has brought death to millions – yes, millions – of people and that is no exaggeration my friends.

The entire program appears as if it will be based on the book “Evolution’s Fatal Fruit” which just so happens to have been written by Tom DeRosa, executive director and founder of the Creation Studies Institute which was founded in 1988 at Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.  

Apparently, Kennedy and DeRosa are hoping to use that “national network of television outlets” God gave them to single-handedly destroy evolution and take back the “entire public school system of America.” 

Yeah, good luck with that.