CWA’s Diaz Says Marriage Equality Is “Like Redefining A Color”

Last week Mario Diaz, Concerned Women for America’s Policy Director for Legal Issues, appeared on Crosstalk with Jim Schneider on Voice of Christian Youth America radio to warn about the supposed devastation that would result of Congress repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Diaz, who wrote a Washington Times op-ed lashing out at Senate Democrats who support the law’s repeal for working “against the will of the people” in order to “force their own values on the rest of the nation,” told Schneider that legalizing marriage for same-sex couples is like redefining the color blue. He went on to say that even advocates of gay rights intuitively believe that marriage equality is wrong, arguing that gay rights contradicts the Bible and the views of the Founding Fathers:

Schneider: It even revolts me to even say ‘same-sex marriage,’ because that term in itself is an oxymoron. Marriage is between one man and one woman, and when you put ‘same-sex’ before it, it’s two terms that do not go along with each other.

Diaz: That’s exactly right, I always say it is like redefining a color, it’s like getting the color blue and saying for now on some other color will be called blue. You’re really redefining the term to mean whatever you want it.

The Bible is clear and God’s principle is clear, and I think those are those self-evident truths that our Founders referred to, and I think we all know in the end, even those who are supporting this behavior, know that there is something wrong about this. They feel, even those people who are listening to us now, they don’t know exactly how to express it but they know that this is wrong. That is something we can go with but we need to be diligent in standing up for those truths and not buying into this whole idea of ‘tolerance’ as we have talked about it, have unfortunately shamed us, and even made some Christians who know the truth to be silent in order not to be called bigoted or any other name. We need to stand up for those truths because they are important and foundational for our future.

CWA’s South Dakota director Linda Schauer also spoke out against the repeal of the discriminatory law, contending that the repeal of DOMA was part of a plot by liberals to wreak “havoc on our traditional values”:

DOMA prevents states from being forced to recognize same-sex “marriages” from other states and defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman for federal purposes.

The (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act circumvents the will of the 31 states (including South Dakota) that have already voted to protect marriage as the union between one man and one woman in their state constitutions.

Liberals are persistent in wreaking havoc on our traditional values. No surprise if Sen. Harry Reid attaches it to a must-pass defense bill putting senators between a rock and a hard place. Hopefully, Johnson will respect the South Dakota Constitution and affirm his 1996 vote for DOMA by opposing the so-called Respect for Marriage Act. I trust his thoughts on the definition of marriage have not eroded.

When not panicking about the demise of DOMA, the anti-gay group was criticizing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appointment of openly gay actress Ellen DeGeneres to be the United States’ envoy for AIDS awareness. Janice Shaw Crouse, the director of CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, told OneNewsNow that her appointment shows that the Obama Administration is trying to use the AIDS crisis “to promote the homosexual agenda”:

“She is openly lesbian and obviously is an activist on the issue of homosexual rights and has taken a very active role in pushing the homosexual agenda. So for her to be the person who’s out front and the face of the Obama administration in the whole fight against AIDS I think is inappropriate,” Crouse decides.

She is also concerned about how the appointee will be received in sub-Saharan Africa, where AIDS has been rampant. “There are plenty of Christian nations in that region and some Muslim nations in that region, so she is not going to receive a very warm welcome there or be an appropriate person to be the face of the fight against AIDS,” the CWA spokesperson warns.

So Crouse concludes the administration’s choice appears to be “an effort to promote the homosexual agenda.”