Culture Warrior Plots Culture War

We’ve written before about the Right’s plan to unleash the “biggest culture war battles ever” should Barack Obama become president and now we have Matt Barber urging right-wing activists to be like Christ and storm “into a temple and started kicking over some tables and throwing some people out of there”: 

A pro-family activist is encouraging Christians to become and stay involved in the culture war no matter the outcome of the presidential election …

“We have too many Christians who are kind of sitting on their hands, being in the world but not of the world. Well, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get involved in the process and that you don’t stand up for your religious liberties,” he contends.

“We have this notion of Christ as being kind of passive and allowing himself to be pushed around. Well, as I recall, Christ at one point went into a temple and started kicking over some tables and throwing some people out of there….I’m not advocating violence — but it’s time for people to start standing up for their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.”

The interesting thing about this OneNewsNow article is how it describes Barber.  Noting that his claim to fame is having been fired from Allstate Insurance after penning anti-gay screeds for right-wing “news” outlets, Barber landed a gig at Concerned Women for America and recently became “director of cultural affairs with Liberty Counsel and also the associate dean of the Liberty University School of Law.”  As ONN put it, he “now serves full-time on the front lines of the culture war.”

Imagine that?  Someone who makes their living serving on the “front lines of the culture war” and ginning up right-wing outrages is planning on continue to do just that regardless of who wins the next election.