Culture Warrior Chuck Norris: ‘Secular Progressive Agenda’ Responsible for Virginia Tech Tragedy

There have been a range of responses from the Right to the tragic shootings last week at Virginia Tech. Some were moderate and respectful, while others were … less so. Among those seeking to lay blame, they have managed to fault everything from the Devil to evolution and the lack of school prayer.

For his part, Chuck Norris declares that the victims of the mass shooting at Virginia Tech were “martyrs” in the culture war, “caught in a head-on clash with our culture’s values, denials and degradation.”

Though one can point to Cho’s own psychotic behavior and our graphic slasher media as potential contributors to his deplorable murder spree, we must also hesitate to consider how we as a society are possibly contributing to the growth of these academic killing fields.

Norris singles out ““those who wield the baton of the secular progressive agenda” and “our graphic slasher media,” which must not include the more wholesome and uplifting violence of the Norris oeuvre, such as “Missing in Action,” “The Hitman,” “Forced Vengeance”  and “Lone Wolf McQuade”