CPACer: The Muslim Brotherhood Is In US Government, Schools, Police Departments And Interfaith Dialogues

Following Trevor Loudon’s address today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) about the supposed Russian-Islamist-leftist plot to defeat Donald Trump, Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy told conference attendees that the Muslim Brotherhood is waging “civilization jihad” and leading a domestic “insurgency” that “insinuates Sharia law gradually, stealthily into our society.”

Lopez, a far-right conspiracy theorist, asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood has “penetrated” institutions across the country, from college campuses and high schools to national security operations and local police departments. Interfaith dialogue, Lopez warned, is also intended to aid Islam.

She also made the debunked claim that U.S. courts have embraced Sharia law and falsely reported that Canada is on the verge of criminalizing Islamophobic speech.