Coulter: Nazis Were Leftists While American Revolution Was “A Revolution Of Christians”

Appearing on The 700 Club with Gordon Robertson on Friday, author Ann Coulter talked to Gordon Robertson about her book Demonic: How The Liberal Mob is Endangering America and how she thinks progressives represent a “mob” and “mob mentality” that threaten democracy. Coulter floated the view, popularized by Jonah Goldberg, that the Nazis were actually “on the left” because they were named the National Socialist Workers Party. Of course, fascists see the political left as their archenemy, and ‘national socialism’ denotes an exclusionary, ethnic-supremacist state that rejects racial, cultural and religious diversity. In fact, fascist literature is dedicated to rejecting the political left which it believes replaces romanticism with intellectualism, nationalism with cosmopolitanism, and ethnic purity with multiculturalism.

Coulter went on to say that the American Revolution was “a revolution of Christians,” which may be news to nonreligious revolutionaries like Thomas Paine, Ethan Allen, and Thomas Jefferson, among many others.


Robertson: Is it your book, you’re targeting liberal behavior but can’t you say that because the National Socialist Party used it too, that it’s a critique of all political movements, and particularly all political movements that are adept at manipulating media.

Coulter: Yes though I consider the National Socialist Party on the left. It comes from…you know, whether it is called communism, or socialism, or anarchy, what happened in the Russian Revolution was copied in Nazi Germany, in Russia, in Cuba, in China, in Vietnam. It is the revolt of a mob and it is a small group of elites basically running the populace’s lives. Our revolution by contrast, the French Revolution with the American Revolution, which occurred at about the same time, and the two revolutions are lied about fairly consistently in the media as if you know, ‘the French Bastille Day it’s much like July 4th.’ No, Bastille Day would be if this country celebrated the Manson Family murders or the L.A. riots. The revolutions could not be more opposite. Our revolution was a revolution of Christians.