Conservatives Hot for Jindal, Cold to Crist

CNS reports that a slew of conservative bigwigs—Limbaugh, Norquist, Bill Donohue, Ralph Reed, Morton Blackwell—really like Bobby Jindal.  Norquist: “Bobby Jindal is a great American.  He is great on guns, great on taxes, a Roman Catholic, a Southerner and an Indian-American.  Bobby Jindal would be great for the GOP and perfect for McCain.” Crist, on the other hand, does not energize conservatives like Connie Mackay: “We have concerns about Governor Crist. While he claims to be pro-life he has not been an advocate…We would not be supportive of his candidacy for Vice-President…I think it would not help him. McCain needs to continue to try and energize the base. I think that would certainly not energize the base and I think I could go one step further and say it would de-energize the base.”