Conservative Pastor: Pokémon Go Is ‘Deadly’ And ‘Demonic’

On Thursday’s episode of “Crosstalk,” Pastor David Brown and host Jim Schneider discussed the “demonic” Pokémon Go app and the original “pantheistic”-promoting Pokémon cards and game, beseeching parents to make sure that their children don’t have the app on their phones.

Brown declared that people who have downloaded the app are following a “satanic worldview” and ignoring Pokémon Go’s “deadly” and “demonic” ramifications.

He said that the original card game gives off a supernatural, demonic energy that promotes “pantheistic power for the occult.”

“Pikachu is a number one that is an energy one and is promoting pantheistic power as it evolves, but another one of the cards, there was a card called Abra and a card called Cadabra, and that has always been associated with the occult,” Brown said.

Brown elaborated, “The Abra card read in Pokémon and reads, ‘Using its abilities to read minds, it will identify impending danger and teleport you to safety. And then the symbols are his pentagrams in foreheads and there’s the ‘SSS’ and there’s a problem with that, Jim.”

Schneider encouraged parents to delete the app from their children’s phones. Referencing a “research paper” Brown wrote, Schneider said that “each Pokémon has its own special fighting ability. Some grow or evolve into more powerful creatures. They say, ‘Carry your Pokémon with you and you’re ready for anything. You’ve got the power in your hands, so use it.’ To me, Pastor, it sounds more like it’s written by Satan himself in defiance of God.”

“Well, it is demonic, Jim, I’m telling people, warning parents that they should not be involved themselves and their children should not be involved,” Brown said.