Conner: Israel Policy Caused Gulf Oil Spill

Yesterday on MorningStar Ministries’ Prophetic Perspectives, Rick Joyner hosted self-proclaimed prophet Bobby Conner, and the two discussed their various prophesies and how they have all came true. Joyner recently warned that “very soon, God’s judgment is going to come upon Hollywood” for promoting “spiritual and moral pollution,” and said that God is punishing America for its “perversions” by “using Islam.” Conner, who was on the show promoting his book Shepherd’s Rod, said that United States’ alleged attempts to “distance” itself from Israel caused the devastating BP Gulf oil spill:

Conner: Let’s talk about Israel becoming, it is very important that we watch what God’s gonna do in Israel, and that Israel will be a cup of trembling for all nations. So I think that we really need to be praying for Israel like never before. Probably in my estimation the most critical thing in our nation right now is our response to Israel and how we befriend her, it’s really important. I think, I wrote in ‘Shepherd’s Rod’ last year that if we continue to distance our self from Israel we’ll have calamity on our shore like never before, then the oil spill happened. See even words, God plays with these words, so we have to have ears to hear what He’s seeing.