Condemned to Hell Over a License Plate

Via AU’s Wall of Separation, we learn that supporters of South Carolina’s “I Believe” license plates gathered for a rally last night to voice their opposition to a federal court’s injunction stopping production of the plates – and they were not hesitant to declare the decision just the lastest attack in the so-called “war on Christians” and make their outrage known, with one speaker, Rev. Arnold Hiette, going so far as to condemn the plate’s opponents to hell:

State and local church leaders Tuesday were joined by South Carolina’s attorney general and lieutenant governor for a standing-room-only rally at People’s Baptist Church. More than 400 people gathered to protest the Dec. 11 injunction stopping the production and sale of “I Believe” license plates.

Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who first introduced legislation allowing the plate, declared the need for a long-term grassroots campaign for its production, calling Christians the new “silent majority.”

“There is free speech for every group in this state besides Christians,” Bauer said. “Every citizen has the right to free speech in this country. I don’t understand why witnessing in public is considered unconstitutional. You don’t even have to be a Christian to believe everyone deserves the freedom of speech.”

Church pastor Rev. Arnold Hiette warned it’s only the start of what could be a prolonged battle …Red-faced and angry, shaking his fist alongside his Bible, Hiette told the congregation that the four complainants – especially the Unitarian – and one judge who took away the people’s right to witness via their vehicle tags “along with the ACLU, they’re going to burn in hell.”