Coming Soon: Religious-Right ‘Documentary’ Meant to Boost Trump’s Reelection Bid 

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins appears in "Trump 2024: The World After Trump" (Image from trailer at

A who’s who of religious-right and right-wing political leaders are featured in a ​forthcoming film​ meant to help maximize Election Day support for President Donald Trump among the conservative evangelical voters who make up the most loyal part of Trump’s base. 

Marketing materials for “Trump 2024: The World After Trump​,​ which will be released in September, suggest that the movie will portray Trump as saving ​the United States  from a globalist “new world order” and a socialist one-world government,​ claiming connections between current political battles and biblical prophecies about the End Times and rise of the Antichrist

“This Film Will Awaken We the People,” declares the website promoting the film. “America’s Freedom is At Stake.” 

The website currently offers two trailers. In the four-minute version, anti-Muslim activist Brigitte Gabriel rails against “enemies of America from within” while images of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appear. Other clips promote Trump policies on immigration and Israel and charge Democrats with supporting infanticide. The shorter trailer suggests that Trump is a “force of nature” who is hated because he is trying to bring ​the U.S. back to its biblical “roots.”  

“Trump 2024” is getting a boost from Christian media outlets​which have been reliable promoters of the Trump presidency.  

In a July 13 podcast, Charisma CEO Stephen Strang, author of four books about God and Trump, told Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Paul Crouch Jr., a producer of the film, that promoting “Trump 2024” is one more way he is trying to get Trump reelected.  

Last week, Crouch and movie backer Mike Lindell—the “My Pillow” guy—appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network, where Lindell told Gordon Robertson that Trump was chosen by God and that America faces “doom” if he is not reelected. Crouch said the movie will show audiences a side of Trump that the secular media won’t.   

One of the primary target audiences for the movie is Christians who may be fed up with Trump’s divisive rhetoric and may be considering staying away from the polls or voting for Joe Biden in hopes that Biden ​may return the country to a sense of normalcy. The movie will try to convince those people that God is using Trump the way that God always uses flawed, imperfect people—and that ​though Trump may sometimes come across as a jerk, he is an effective champion of “biblical values.” The film will end with a virtual “altar call” inviting viewers to pray for salvation.

Filmmakers say the movie’s production is fully financed​, but they are seeking sponsors to help get the movie placed in theaters or distributed through online networks.  

The lineup of people involved in the movie includes Strang​, Lindell, and quite a few others: