Colson: We Must Stop SCOTUS From Unleashing Gay Marriage “Cultural Armageddon”

Last week we noted how Chuck Colson had come up with a plan, in the wake of the Prop 8 ruling, to prevent the Supreme Court from ruling in favor of gay marriage: build a groundswell of opposition to the idea for the sole purpose of convincing that Supreme Court that any ruling recognizing the right to marriage equality will not be accepted by the people.

And that is exactly what he is setting out to do, saying in this new video that “of course, the Justices will listen to legal arguments, they’ll weigh the precedents, but in the final analysis they will not approve gay marriage if it goes against an overwhelming public consensus”:

So you can forget all about the Right’s supposed commitment to the idea that cases must be decided on the merits and rulings must be based on foundational Constitutional values and principles because, according to Colson, the role of the Supreme Court is to simply issue decisions that reflect the will of the majority. 

And that is why Colson is on a mission to mobilize right-wing activists so as to convince the Supreme Court that any decision recognizing gay marriage will lead to “cultural armageddon.”