Clayton Trotter: “The Anglo With The Hispanic Heart”

Times change. 

For instance, back in 1962 Pat Boone could sing a song called “Speedy Gonzales” about a drunken, irresponsible Gonazles spending his time carousing and buying tortillas, chili peppers, and tequila instead of repairing his cockroach-infested adobe and see it go to #6 on the Billboard chart

Today, it would be considered rather offensive:

Which is why it is a little hard to understand why Republican congressional candidate Clayton Trotter is bragging about having received Boone’s endorsement and specifically citing this song in an effort to appeal to Hispanic voters in Texas in his race against Democrat incumbent Rep. Charlie Gonzalez:

“Hi, I’m Pat Boone. Back in 1962, I sang a top ten song called ‘Speedy Gonzales’ about the fastest mouse in Mexico. You might remember this line: ‘Speedy Gonzales, why don’t you come home?’ Today, a different question: ‘Charlie Gonzalez, why don’t you come home?’ As a Congressman, you’re spending our hard-earned tax money like there’s no tomorrow. Sorry Charlie! You don’t represent we the people. On November 2nd, vote Clayton Trotter for Congress.”

In fact, Trotter goes even further, claiming that while Gonzalez may actually be Hispanic, it is Trotter who really has the community’s best interests at heart … and that is because is “the Anglo with the Hispanic heart“:

Trotter said, “I’m the Anglo with the Hispanic heart. While Charlie has an Hispanic last name, he has consistently voted against the conservative Hispanic values of life and family. For example, Charlie voted against the ban on partial birth abortion — a barbaric procedure in the last trimester during which the abortionist partially delivers a baby — feet first, ultimately sucking the baby’s brain out. “Sorry Charlie!” That’s not an Hispanic value! No wonder Charlie got a 100 percent rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League.

“Plus, Charlie voted against a Constitutional Amendment that defined marriage between one man and one woman. ‘Sorry Charlie!’ That’s not an Hispanic value either. Mexican-Americans are proud of God’s creation of heterosexual marriage between Adam and Eve. I’m Clayton Trotter. I think it’s time that District 20 had a congressman who defended the unborn babies and defended marriage. Those are true Hispanic values!

“Remember to vote for me, Clayton Trotter, the Anglo with the Hispanic heart.”

And nothing demonstrates that better than securing the endorsement of Pat Boone who sang an offensive novelty song about a lazy cartoon Mexican mouse forty years ago.

Oh, and by the way, Trotter has received endorsements from Governor Rick Perry, Rep. Lamar Smith, David Barton, Rick Green, Phyllis Schlafly, Kelly Shackleford, Alveda King, among others.