Cindy Jacobs’ Prayer Warriors Target Prop 8 Case

Last week, Cindy and Mike Jacobs sent out an urgent email to their Generals International Reformation Prayer Network featuring updates on the Prop 8 court case from Executive Director Ron Prentice. 

In addition to the updates, the Jacobs asked their “intercessors” to to “join with us in fervent intercession for the preservation of traditional marriage in the State of California and the nation” as they wage a “spiritual battle for the soul of the nation”:

Why is this so important?  For a variety of reasons not the least of which is that the overturning of the Marriage Amendment in California by a Federal Court will automatically overturn DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act on a Federal Level that declares marriage between a man and a woman.

God tells us in Genesis that His image is expressed through male and female and in Epheshians it tells us that marriage is to be a testimony of the relationship between Christ and the Church.  THIS IS MORE THAN JUST A COURT CASE THIS IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF OUR NATION!

This is not a battle against flesh and blood as the word says and cannot be won with carnal weapons.  It is a spiritual battle that must be won in prayer.

Please pray and fast through the day of the trial. Let us humble ourselves under the mighty hand of our God and repent and renounce all compromise, complacency and apathy within the church that has allowed us to come to this place at all.  Let us cry out to God for mercy, for Him to take what the enemy has meant for evil and turn it to our good and His Glory!

Always seek God for His Direction in prayer and then as lead agree on these Prayer Points:

  • For God’s wisdom, protection and direction for Andy Pugno and his team
  • Pray for all veils of deception to be loosed off of the eyes of the Judge and the prosecuting attorneys
  • That God’s presence, life, love, wisdom and truth prevail in that courtroom.
  • That every rebellious, defiant, angry, violent spirit be bound and forbidden from manifesting.
  • Pray God’s tangible presence of love be all that people experience when they encounter Christians
  • Pray for a pre-triggering of every trap and snare of the enemy on the enemy’s head (Ps 141:9-10)
  • Pray for God’s word to be fulfilled for the destruction of the works of the enemy and the open show of the triumph of God.
  • For the souls held in captivity to the homosexual lifestyle to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, that their eyes be enlightened to the truth of his love and saving power
  • Pray through the attached Questions for Closing Arguments submitted by Judge Vaughn Walker to the attorneys
  • Pray protection for all of the intercessors and their families on the ground at the Courthouse

GI’s Reformation Prayer Network was created in order to ignite “a holy reformation in every sphere of society” in order to “legislate in the heavens through reformation intercession” and “turn the tide on unrighteousness in the nations of the earth.”