Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle Pray For America’s Schools and Universities

I don’t recall ever having seen Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle on the stage together … so when they team up, you know you are in for a treat.

Over the weekend, something called the “Fight! Conference” was held in Los Angeles to, like so many other events lately, seek revival for America, with this one focusing mainly on young people and the nation’s schools and universities. 

The event featured various speakers ranging from Dick Eastmen and Loran Cunningham to Brian Kim and Engle’s son Jesse – but Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs were clearly the main attractions … and it is easy to see why with Jacobs declaring that angels had been stationed around the church just waiting to be released by their prayers and singing, which pierces the darkness of humanism and atheism like a two-edged sword and Engle fervently declaring that just a two percent change in the heart’s of the nation’s youth can change America before encouraging all those who can to pray in tongues: