Christian Coalition: The New Environmentalists

A few months ago we noted that the Christian Coalition, after firing its incoming president, Joel Hunter, for trying to get the group to expand its agenda to include things like climate change, had suddenly changed its tune and begun working with the National Wildlife Federation.

It seems as if this change is the real deal, because the two groups recently ran a joint ad in Politico calling on Senators to “work together to move forward with a clean energy plan for America”:

America’s economic growth, national security and the health of our environment are all intertwined with our country’s energy policies – and we need a better plan.

We can better ensure our national security, strengthen our economy and protect our environment at the same time by developing American energy resources and investing in clean, renewable energy technologies that create American jobs.

In other words we need a comprehensive, all-American approach to our energy needs. A solution that allows for the development of American resources to lower our gas prices, but also recognizes we must work towards a much more diversified energy future.

* We believe that America is addicted to foreign oil. America currently sends over 700 billion dollars every year to foreign countries – in many cases, making countries that hate us very rich.

* We believe that an over-reliance on foreign sources of energy is harmful to our country’s national security and puts our economy at risk.

* We need a comprehensive approach to deal with our country’s energy needs and provide stable sources of energy to run our economy and provide for our families

* We need solutions that include proven American technology and resources, as well as the development of new “renewable” energy technologies. By building on current technologies, such as nuclear and natural gas, and developing new technologies, America can provide for its future energy independence and build its economy.

* We call for the launch of an American energy independence program focused on developing American energy resources, providing tax credits to spur development of new technology and alternative energy production, and offering incentives for energy efficiencies.

As conservatives, we stand up for our country’s national security and the health of our economy. And, as Christians, we recognize the Biblical mandate to care for God’s creation and protect our children’s future.

You can see a PDF of the ad here.