Christian Coalition Proclaims Itself Ready to Fight

The Christian Coalition has sent an email to its few remaining supporters, letting them know that everything they hold dear is under attack and that they should, of course, donate money to the organization so that it can prevent Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress from ruining America:

As we begin a new year and a new congress comes into session, pro-family conservatives must face a stark reality: the liberal onslaught is coming.

It is coming because extreme liberals look at the election results as their opportunity to solidify domination of our government and our culture … [W]e know what they plan to do. It’s no secret. The only question is what will we do to stop them?

Liberals don’t want Christians like you and I to stand up and work together. They know how effective we can be when we speak with one voice. That’s why it is so vital that we work to educate and activate America’s Christian conservatives!

Stand with us as we work to prepare Christian conservatives to fight back against the assault on our values being waged in the halls of our government. But if you want to stand up for your beliefs, you simply must speak out … [N]ow is not the time for us to despair and give up. There is too much at stake for conservatives to be caught on the sidelines.

Please click here and make a contribution to the Christian Coalition today!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of an organization that can “educate and activate America’s Christian conservatives,” I immediately think of the Christian Coalition … after I’ve thought about the dozen or so other right-wing groups who actually still have some power and influence.